Great White Lake

What is Lichen?

A lichen is a form of fungus that grows on almost any outdoor surface in the right environment.  Lichen thrives in moist areas of low light with good air quality.  In my opinion, lichen’s presence gives a surface a look of an abstract painting that no painter can achieve by hand.  I documented many such surfaces in Mongolia.

How brutal was the Mongol Army?

“The Mongols employed a tactic that came into effect around the same time of the invasion known as “surrender by capitulation or face decimation” (Decimation is putting it lightly; they essentially raped, murdered, and enslaved everyone in a city that resisted).  A credible threat is a good threat, and the Mongol invaders made sure that their atrocities are known to the world in order to achieve fear.  This was one of the first examples of psychological warfare.” John J. Luo

The Great White Lake

The Great White Lake is a beautiful area with an alpine lake at its core.  The lake’s scenery is a combination of volcanic craters, rugged mountains, river valleys, and rolling steppe.  We enjoy the generous hospitality of Batbold and Jargaa.  They treated us with Makh, the classic Mongolian dinner, boiled sheep bits (bones, fat, and more fat) with some potatoes.