Blogging is a relatively new phenomenon, less than 30 years old, and already as of 2019, there are more than 500 million blogs out of 1.7 billion websites in the world. The fantastic piece of data in these facts is not in the numbers alone but in the proportion of blogs to websites, which is around 30%. So, one may ask, “what do you have to offer, and what is your purpose in this ocean of blogs?”

Much has been written about how to create a successful and interesting blog. In his book ‘The Innovators,’ Walter Isaacson tells the story of Justin Hall, who is considered the pioneer of blogging. According to Isaacson, Hall’s recipe for blogging success is: “stay casual, get personal and be provocative.” This attitude sounds more applicable to the topic of workplace dress code, yet I am sure some of it will show up in my writing as well. 

I once heard that one’s legacy is made of diaries, photo albums, and a library of books, to which I would add, the loved one leaves in the memories of others. I am mindful of my mortality, and thus, I want My Blog to add a dimension to my legacy.

I document the body of my creative visual arts and tell stories of my travels through photographs and diaries on my website. After visiting a recent art exhibition that touched me deeply, I shared my reflections on Facebook and realized that a blog could provide a vehicle to document my thoughts on other subjects. I find beauty in things that might look like opposites, such as poetry and computer chips, paintings, and computer coding. My blog is an opportunity to summarize thoughts I have been contemplating for many years.  

I enjoy the process of writing and delivering to the blogosphere and receive great satisfaction in the editing of photos and putting the sentences together, one piece at a time. Finally, my goal is to enrich, enlighten, entertain, and maybe bring a smile to your face – a dear reader who stopped by to spend a few moments looking and reading.

Thank you

October 2019