Travel Route: Valdez – Anchorage – Seward

The Power of Tides: Stand-Up Paddle Boarding in Chickaloon Bay

I woke up early for the last full day in Alaska and found that the engine didn’t start; the battery was dead. Taking a deep breath, I accepted the situation and searched for a solution without getting ripped off. Thankfully, I was only 20 miles away from Anchorage, and the rental company came to the rescue. Five hours later, help arrived with a new battery, and I was back on the road. During my wait on the road from Anchorage to Seward, along the Chickaloon Bay, I had the opportunity to observe Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) surfers, who had been attracted to this bay by its slow, steady waves that stretch for over a mile. The only limitation is that the waves come twice a day only. This phenomenon relates to the Earth’s gravitational force.

There are two high tides every day in the majority of coastal areas on our globe. Only once a day does the moon pass directly overhead a particular spot since it takes the moon 24 hours and 50 minutes to complete one full lap around the Earth. A high tide will occur at that precise time at this location. But once it is directly opposite the moon, this same region will experience a second high tide because of the impact of the Earth’s orbit’s centrifugal force on the ocean. As a result, the water will swell away from the surface of the Earth.

Lessons Learned from a First-Time RV Road Trip in Alaska

Driving an RV for the first time can be an intimidating experience. I was very anxious, but the process went surprisingly well. I drove slowly and was lucky enough to avoid any unnecessary backing up. Overall, taking a road trip in an RV is a fantastic way to explore the world and have an exciting journey. My rental RV was a 2005 model, and I quickly realized that many of its mechanical components, such as the generator, refrigerator, and battery, were not up to par. If I were to offer one tip for anyone looking to rent an RV, I would advise them to opt for a more recent model with fewer issues. This way, they can spend more time exploring and less time dealing with maintenance.

“Alaska” by James Michener

I found great enjoyment in James Michener’s book “Alaska.” Through its narrative, I could better understand this majestic state’s history and culture and some of its more unique and memorable characters. After listening to the book while driving, I can not help but recommend it to others. It is undoubtedly a captivating tale of a place that has left an enduring mark on the American landscape.

Reflections on the Journey Home: From the Wilds of Alaska to the Comforts of Home

As I drive down the winding highway toward Anchorage, I can’t help but notice the signs of civilization beginning to appear. The road is in excellent condition, with many passing lanes and plenty of well-maintained guardrails along the sides, giving a sense of security as I drive. The towns and cities are coming closer together now, with restaurants, gas stations, and convenience stores popping up every few miles. The scenery is beautiful, and I can’t help but stop and take it all in.

The next chapter is rapidly approaching, and I look forward to reuniting with my family, my home, and the sanctuary of yoga and dance. My artistic spirit is eager to complete the last series of mixed-media panels that I have been working on since the summer. As my mentor often advises me, it is all about the journey – not just the destination – that creates a meaningful path.