The Alamo

Travel Route: Austin – Guadalupe River – Fredericksburg – San Antonio


A driving route that goes west traversed through live oaks and juniper trees, over hilly terrain, and ends at the not so clear but rushing waters of Guadalupe River.  From there through similar terrain to Fredericksburg, an attractive small town known for its wineries and as the birthplace of Admiral Chester Nimitz.

Is Texas a “state of mind” or just another state?

San Antonio is a top travel destination, and it’s visibly bustling with energy.  For me, it was about visiting The Alamo, which brings me back to the question of whether Texas is a “state of mind” or just another state?

First, I have not visited all 50 states, but it’s clear that Texas has a lot of pride.  How do a nation’s heritage, identity, character, and dreams get created?  As someone who was born and raised in Israel, I saw it happening when I grew up.  The Alamo is a heroic story of Texans taking matters into their own hands and fighting for what is right.  This event created a mark of identity: who we are, what does the land means for us, what we will stand for, and who we will become.  People saw Texas as a place of possibilities that are made, not given.  And this is why I think that Texas is a state of mind!

Tomorrow I will start a drive to west Texas, to the desert, and being in the desert is, without a doubt, a state of mind, which I love.