Travel Route: Valdez – Anchorage – Seward

It’s all about the coming and going

Signs of civilization are relatively plentiful and not so far in between.  The road is in excellent condition and with many passing lanes.  My urge to stop, look, and document has somewhat subsided.  I guess the next chapter is on my mind; going back home in a couple of days to my loved ones, my house, the swimming pool, yoga, and dance.  And maybe most of all, tackling the last stage of a new mix media panels I have been working on since last August.  As my wise sponsor says: “It’s all about the coming and going.”

My experience with the rental RV

I woke up early for the last full day in Alaska to find that the engine doesn’t start; the battery is dead.  I am taking a deep breath, bringing up all the acceptance I can muster, and finding a solution without getting ripped off.  Feeling grateful that I am only 20 miles away from Anchorage and not in the middle of nowhere.

Five hours later, help arrived, a new battery is in place, and I am back on the road.  While waiting for road assistance, I documented SUP surfers (Stand up paddle boarding).  In this bay, waves come only twice a day; but they flow slow and steady for over one mile once they do.  I also learned something about the relationship between the Moon and the Tides.

Driving RV is like driving a bus; I was very anxious about it since it’s my first time.  It went very well; I drove slowly and was lucky not to have to back-up often.  I think that for a road trip, RV is a fantastic way to experience.  It’s very convenient.  My RV is a 2005 model and had mechanical problems with the generator, refrigerator, and battery.  If I had to recommend one thing, I would say, look for a newer model.

I enjoyed listening to James Michener’s book Alaska.  It’s historical fiction and made me understand Alaska’s history and some colorful personalities.  I highly recommend it.