Denali Park

Travel Route: Anchorage – Denali Park – Fairbanks

Mount Denali is hidden behind the clouds.  Clouds obstruct the mountain view, on average, two out of every three days.

Sled Dog Demonstration

The sled dog demonstration is the best live show in Denali Park.  I learned that the Alaskan Huskies have relatively long legs and heavily furred tails.  They will often curl up with their tails over their faces and noses to provide additional warmth.  The Dog Positioning for a team of up to 12 dogs is 2-lead dogs that listen to all the commands.  2-swing dogs that help the leaders set the pace and aid in turning the team. Most dogs are considered the Team Dogs; their job is to follow the dog in front of them and steadily pull.  They provide the horsepower.  Finally, 2-wheel dogs, their job is to be the largest of the dogs because they are the first to take on the weight of the load being pulled; they are usually the strongest dogs on the team.

Into the Wild

A few miles north of Denali Park on the way to Fairbanks, there is a trail named Stampede, which gained fame when traveler Christopher McCandless died in the wilderness in an abandoned school bus in 1992.  This tragedy was recreated in the book and film, “Into the Wild.”  It’s a tale that makes me think about life, death, responsibility, and purpose.  I am yet to reach any conclusions, just wonder.