Anna Silver at AMOCA

It’s interesting to think about an artists’ recognition in general and especially as it pertains to Anna Silver, my dear friend, confidante, and advisor. Anna, who recently celebrated her 90th birthday, has produced over 2,500 ceramic pieces in her long career. We celebrated with Anna at the opening of her very first solo exhibition at the American Museum of Ceramic Art. The event was very well attended, and the energy was fantastic.

Anna is considered one of the premier ceramic artists in the US. Adrian Saxe, another well-known ceramic artist and Anna’s friend, wrote in the exhibition catalog: “Anna Silver’s unique contribution has been that she has found ways to use pottery as a format for exploring painting in the round without relying on conventional notions about how imagery is organized on a pot, or acknowledging the limitations of taste and style in contemporary ceramics. Her pictorial praxis depends on her use of the whole form as a support for a dynamic overall composition (which is not defined by the “lip,” “shoulder,” “neck” “body,” rim,” or other normally coded areas of containment for imagery on pots) and often seems to flow over edges, from part to part, from inside to outside, and back continuously, employing a thoroughly contemporary language for visual experience of pottery not present in historic ceramic genres.”

I wonder if a male artist of this caliber would have to wait that long for this kind of recognition?!

March 2019