What does the color beige symbolize in my artwork?

Beige theme fused glass tiles adhered to a plexiglass mosaic panel

Beige, in its many variations accented with Yellow, White, Gold, and Orange, are the colors in this series of fused glass tiles adhered to a plexiglass mosaic panel.  This series portraits a journey through the desert, a journey filled with a sense of owe inspired by the silence between the rocks and the sky.  I was born in Be’er-Sheva, located in the Negev desert in southern Israel; thus, I am only half kidding when I say that my love for the desert was originated way back.  Beige is a neutral color; it transmits calmness, void of stormy feelings.

More than any other type of geographical area, the desert is where the horizon line is uninterrupted from side to side by any obstruction, being a structure or anything else.  The desert’s variety of colors seems monochromatic, but it is rich and expensive if only one opens his/her eyes and maybe the soul as well.  Beige color is chromatic, but it can display different shades; thus, it is every so often called: sand, wheat, and parchment. 

I like touring deserts, it’s like an answer to a call, and it always feels like going home.  The vast open space and the proximity to my higher power take my breath away and fill me up with joy.  In my travels, I have been to some amazingly beautiful deserts, for example, Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, Spiti Valley in India, the Gobi Desert in Mongolias and Death Valley.