Fused Glass on Plexiglass Sheets – Fused glass tiles adhered to two layers of plexiglass panels.  The tiles are laid in horizontal configuration along prefabricated strips of colored plexiglass to create a sense of journey.  The aim is to create a mosaic work that presents a single vision of composition, proportion, color and a story.  The theme of the work is to describe one thing only – the horizon line, ever changing but never ending.  This section is sub-divided into four color groups: Beige, Red, Blue and Green. 

Fused Glass on Printed Aluminum PanelsWhile the plexiglass panel design is orthogonal, the printed aluminum process allows for a wider variety of colors and more organic, fluid and wavy patterns.  The printing designs are drawn and colored using Adobe Illustrator.   The aim of the work is to create a sense of journey, of traveling through a certain geography expressed in a constant exploration of the line represented in each glass tile and the color’s composition of each panel. 

Glass Vases – Made in the Roll-Up method, which is a combination of fused glass and glass-blowing technique.  In this method, clear glass on the blower’s pipe is placed on top of a fused glass panel, then rolled and blown into a vase.

Ceramics – Two ceramics collections of hand-building techniques: The first explorations are vertically stacked color and texture compositions of glazed ceramic imperfect balls alternating with twisted glass rods, topped with a candle holder, all on wood bases.  The second involved rolling a pre-patterned clay-slab onto a cylinder, to create a vase. The third collection is of strip painting printed on porcelain plates.

Video Editing – A 5-minute clip from a 4-hour long movie named: ‘The Train from Auschwitz – A Journey from Shame to Self-Realization – an allegory of the journey I am going through as a second-generation Holocaust survivor.

Stripe Paintings – The vision of the Stripe Paintings series is to create an analogous composition while constantly remembering that the way I see one color is seldom as it is but with the adjacent color.