“On the hills of Munnar, the clouds will come and kiss your feet.” – Mohan, Indian Sweet & Spices’ owner

Tea in India

In Kerala’s mountains at 1,700m (5,600f) sits Munnar, a center of tea plantations. There are panoramic views of green tea plants rolled over the hills like a carpet.

During the 17th century, drinking tea became popular in Britain. China was the sole source of British tea. Thus, to compete with the Chinese monopoly, the British introduced tea production and consumption in India. Today, India is the world’s largest tea consumer and the second-largest tea producer. Darjeeling tea is India’s most famous tea.

What is Kathakali?

Kathakali is an Indian classical dance and drama method unique to Kerala. It is known for gestures like pantomime and heavy makeup. It tells stories of love and power based on classical Indian texts.

The Cinnamon Spice Garden

We could not avoid, nor did we try to, the Cinnamon Spice Garden, a stop that every local taxi driver wants to take you to because of the commission they receive for every purchase you make. The Garden houses more than 100 varieties of trees and herbs unique to the vegetation of Kerala. The pharmacy store and the sales pitch are at the end of the tour.