Koh Rong Island

Cambodia Travel Route: Siem Reap – Sihanoukville – Koh Rong Island

I arrived at Sihanoukville early in the morning after a night ride on a sleeping bus, which was not precisely sleepy for me.  A local taxi driver suggested some island 2-3 hours away as the best touring destination around.  I double-checked with a couple of other tourists, and to the island, I headed.  The boat ride was quite an adventure as the ocean was very choppy; some of us got soaked, some vomited.  The Lonely Planet book best describes the island I found: “This is paradise the way you dreamt it: endless crescents of powdered, sugary soft sand, hammocks swaying in the breeze, photogenic fishing villages … It’s seems too good to last, so enjoy it while it does.”  It is a romantic place; unfortunately, I was alone.  Instead, I did five deep water dives and got the advanced PADI certification (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).

A group of young Westerners fills various jobs on the island, such as bartending and deep water diving instructors.  They share some features: a scent of youth, freedom, possibilities, and lots of tattoos.   Among them are many young Israelis, we celebrated Chanukah’s candle lighting together.  On the boat ride back, the engine stopped mid-way.  It was nerve-racking.  A second boat arrived two hours later and towed us to shore.  It was another little adventure in Cambodia.