Sequoia Park Christmas 2019

Becoming Nobody by Ram Dass

“Treat everyone you meet like God in drag.” Ram Dass

“Death doesn’t need to be treated as an enemy to delight in life…I encourage to make peace with death.  To see it as a culminating adventure of this adventure of life.  It is not an error; it is not a failure.  It is taking off a tight shoe that you’ve worn well.” – Ram Dass

“May I through the work on myself become an instrument for the suffering in all beings.” – Ram Dass

When the trails are covered with five feet of snow, hiking is out of the question, and so, the visit to Sequoia National Park became an inside job.  Thanks, in significant part, to the book, we listened to ‘Becoming Nobody’ by Ram Dass, a very wise man who passed away recently.  Some people can talk about the ‘spiritual talk’ as if they are discussing the French revolution.  Ram Dass was one of them.  When I hear that kind of talk, I often lose focus on the words and get tuned with the music, the cadence, the breath between the spoken words – I delve into the mystery.  I have been blessed to have a few close and dear people in my life that possess this unique brilliance.  One of them recently pointed out that there is a difference between psychological insight and spiritual experience, which I find very perceptive.

I know this: we are all part of the oneness.  We are all connected by an invisible thread that goes back in time and will go forward into the future.  I choose to call it love.  And love being love is all about compassion and forgiveness.  My task is to remain open and find a path to stay in-tune with love, to be the love.  Unfortunately, I also know that I am just human, and thus flawed and forgetful, but as long as I keep showing up, there is progress, there is hope.