South India

Pearls of wisdom weaved themselves into my consciousness during the trip.  They fully bloomed only many years later.

Pearls of wisdom learned in India:

●  India forces you to deal with the masses, chaos, delays, unsanitary conditions, cultural shock, large insects, small insects, diseases, and unwanted attention. Among other things, I learned that everything is going to be all right in the end. Unplanned deviations from the original course were also successful.  In fact, there are no reasons to worry; just let things happen, rather than trying to control them all the time.  This is the magic formula of India, even if it seems that things do not work as they should, sometimes it’s just our perception that limits us.  

What I am writing about is the process of acceptance.  In the book “A Fine Balance” By Rohinton Mistry, the four characters’ lives interweave during the political turmoil of India’s “Emergency” period (1975-1977).  It’s a story of four strangers from different walks of life, their opportunities constrained by caste, gender, government corruption, and greed.  It’s a story that reminds me of the saying: “Acceptance is the answer.”  The characters who found a way to accept and be generous and helpful to each other – lived, those who couldn’t be were doomed to tragedy. 

●  In India, the sense of time is eroded and only defined by the stomach. Because of this, I found myself thinking quite a bit, looking for new directions of comprehension. Thus I met the next great teacher.  He was revealed at different moments inside me, gave me his blessing, and directed me on my way.  There were times when he disguised himself as a tree, a dog, and even a butterfly.  He made me realize that one could learn from everything.