North India

We flew to New Delhi, India, with the Russian airline Aeroflot.  Back then, there were no formal relations between Russia and Israel, nor between India and Israel; a certain uneasiness was a sure thing.  The overnight stop in Tashkent was surreal; a guard was stationed at our hotel floor.  At the New Delhi airport, I felt like an angel was holding our hands and gently escorting us through the terminal, customs check, and out to the street.  I was pale and astounded.  The shock of the first encounter with India is guaranteed.  Three-wheeled taxi drivers and the mob that wants a piece of you.  Welcome to India!

Although I was not conscious of it at the time, in the years since that trip, after immersing myself in studying, reading, and personal introspection, I now realize that the seeds of a few pearls of wisdom were first planted during that six months we spent roaming India.

Pearls of wisdom learned in India:

●  There are about a billion residents in this country, and sometimes it seems that everyone goes with you everywhere. There is no choice but to maintain the boundaries of personal territory. Such decisive defiance is a necessary condition for a reasonable quality of life in India and elsewhere.

●  India is a place where people are not afraid to make straight eye contact with you; they even enjoy it. Wherever you look, you can pick up a pair of eyes that will look back at you with full confidence. It seems that everywhere there are curious Indians who want to help you. Even when they do not know anything, they still want to lend you a helping hand.  Thus, in her beautiful way, India taught me about kindness and compassion.  India had always asked me to be present with all my strength, not to be afraid to give my trust in the kind heart of others.