Tso Moriri Lake

Hemis Monastery – Tso Moriri Lake – Korzok

• Monks preparing for an upcoming festival.

• “At times we will be asked to let go of things that we have always wanted to keep for ourselves, or things that we would never have thought that we would to have to let go of, such as the loss of a loved one or the betrayal of a dear friend. A tree never hesitates to shake off her leaves during fall, and so we must take another lesson given to us by the nature: let go when it is time. Although such losses can be difficult and painful, rise above this suffering. Focus within your mind, the image of the Lotus prospering above mud. We are the lotus; rise above.” ― Forrest Curran, Purple Buddha Project: Purple Book of Self-Love

• Tibetan Prayer Flags are hung over mountain passes and rivers to spread the Buddhist mantras through the wind. All beings touched by the wind passing the prayer flags are uplifted and a little happier. We encountered some at this footbridge near Mahe, just after saying farewell to the Indus River, heading to Tso Moriri. ...Continue reading

• If your definition of luxury has nothing to do with materialistic comforts and if you don’t fuss about almost anything at all, then Ladakh will welcome you with open arms and offer all the luxuries of nature there are. My beloveds are the best company I could wish for.

• Tso Moriri’s only settlement. Staying at a Ladakhi simple homestay-guesthouse was by far the most authentic experience we had so far. Tomer called it the most badass place he had visited on his journey.