Rohtang La Pass – Old Manali

• There is always work in progress on the roads, it’s fascinating to watch the labor-intensive methods. And to note that the traffic never stops due to construction – I can’t see that ever happen in the USA, the road would be closed until it’s all completed.

• A dance to the end of time on top of Rohtang La Pass. 

• Indian road signs are playful, catchy, snappy and pointed. The road from Leh to Manali is 18 hrs of switchbacks over five mountain passes, so most of them focus on safety. As we climbed the Rohtang La, the landscape became greener & greener, and the message below was spotted on the side of the road. Here are a few other great messages:

o Enemies of the road-liquor, speed & load
o Drive on horsepower, not on rum power
o If you speed, your family won’t sleep
o Make love not war, but nothing while driving
o Keep your nerves on sharp curves
o Don’t gossip, let him drive
o Driving risky after whisky
o Alert today, alive tomorrow

• Old Manali is a restful village, laid-back, surrounded by peaks and lush green vegetation. There are many young Israelis visiting Old Manali. Are they on rite of passage?

• India’s democracy is alive and kicking, just take a glimpse at the English language newspaper headlines and you get the picture.