“In India I’ve slowly been learning that I’m not in complete control of my life…” – Sarah Macdonald

“… I like your Jesus … there’s no doubt he was a great sadhu, most likely trained in India, but you know, he was wrong about God. God is not a judgmental giant sitting up in heaven, it’s a force within us all – we are light bulbs in the electrical system of the universe.” – Sarah MacDonald

Pang – Nakila La Pass – Jispa – Keylong

• I love all the variety of nature’s glory but by far my favorite is the desert. The endless uninterrupted horizon line makes me feel connected to something much bigger, and I choose to call it God. The mix and ever-changing colors of this landscape conjure up abstract painting, and I get obsessed wanting to capture them all into my memory bank.

• The Lonely Planet description of the Leh to Manali route notes: “Utterly beautiful but exhaustingly spine-jangling, this is a ride you won’t forget. The Upshi-Keylong section crosses four passes over 4900m, and then there’s the infamously unpredictable Rohtang La Pass before Manali.”

• “It is better to travel well than to arrive” – Buddha

• “There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path” ― Buddha

• Tashi taught Tomer basic words in both Ladakhi and Hindi. The class never stopped, and the student is making small conversations with mostly everyone he can.