Death Valley

“The desert has a deep personality; it has a voice.  Great leaders of all ages have sought the desert and heard its voice.  You can hear it if you listen, but you cannot hear it while in the midst of uproar and strife for material things…” – L.L. Nunn                                                          

Why do I keep visiting Death Valley National Park?

For many years I have visited Death Valley around December; I consider it a pilgrimage.  It is a journey into a vast, open, colorful, and beautiful place, but even more, it’s a journey that allows me to experience the depth of my inwardness and sense of self.  It awakens and rejuvenates the divine within my core, which is behind and beyond consciousness.

I keep visiting Death Valley because my heart expands when I look at the uninterrupted horizon line.  All my prayers are heard well in this vast landscape.  I love the desert’s color.  The entire color spectrum is present, yet it’s always mixed with some tan and gray shades.