Quilts at CA Heritage Museum

“She sat still, I thought, and yet she traveled. And when one stitches, the mind travels, not the way men do, with ax and oxen through the wilderness, but surely our traveling counted too, as motion. And I thought of the patience of the stitches. Writing a book, I thought, which men often do, but women only rarely, has the posture of sewing. One hand leads, and the other hand helps. And books, like quilts, are made, one word at a time, one stitch at a time.” – Sena Jeter Naslund

In February 2018, I visited an Art Quilt exhibition at the California Heritage Museum on Main Street in Santa Monica with Sandra and Burt Sigal.  The delightful exhibit was situated in a house I drove by hundreds of times and didn’t know it was such a gem.  A big part of the fun was listening to Sandra, who is a master quilter, explain the techniques and methods of construction.  It also reminded me of watching my mother sewing and making her fashionable garments when I was a child.

I enjoyed cropping the quilt photos into abstract images, which often removes them from the quilt’s original narrative.    

February 2018