The RED color – Symbolism and Intentions

Red theme fused glass tiles adhered to an aluminum printed panel

The red colors are about: emotional wrestling, torment, pain, and agony but also about: passion, love, happiness, ecstasy, and adventure.  The colors that dominate this series of fused glass tiles adhered to an aluminum printed panel are: Red, Burgundy, Orange, and Yellow.  It’s an attempt to portray a particular state of mind and not a definite geographical ambiance.  I love working with RED colors; I find the variety of possible combinations within the REDS endless.  These are the colors that quickly access my inner fire, the emotions that continually want to burst out yet are, most of the time, being held tightly. 

The method I perfected in my glasswork, by which I twist the glass while in its molten state, is as close as one can get to touching the fire.  I explain it in detail in the blog Materials and Process – How Vision got Materialized.  It is not a surprise that our prehistoric ancestors saw red as the color of fire and blood – energy and primal life forces, often symbolizing super-human heroism.

The other colors present in this series have deep meanings as well.  Yellow is the color of sunshine, hope, cheerfulness, and lightness.  It gives energy to muscles and lets go of negative thoughts that can cause depressive moods.  Orange is considered the color of joy and happiness, the symbol of feminine power, sexuality, and flexibility.  It is the color that allows us to strike a balance between the physical body and the spiritual body that releases thoughts and feelings and gives the body the ability to move lightly. Putting all these colors together is like participating in a dance party!  There are only a few locations, whom I visited that brings up the red colors gambit.  Still, the ones that do are exquisite: Zion Canyon in Utah, Tsagaan Suvarga in Mongolia and Grand Canyon in Arizona.