Artist Statement


Through my work, I hope you can reflect on the times of your life - the profound, unique forces that shape your journey. I began making these pieces not only as a result of my previous work a businessman involved in circuit card design. I also thought of the journey of my parents. I imagined what my father might have seen as he was corralled into trains and taken from one concentration camp to another during the Holocaust. He told me about trips like the one from Bergen-Belsen to Dachau. He recounted the horrors of starvation, exhaustion, cold, fear and death. At times, my work allows me to go with him. I imagine the scenery he saw through the wood panels of those trains. I see the landscape, colors and the horizon line. I think about how his endurance became a part of who I am today and how we are able to see beauty even in the hardest times. I see our life journeys in twisted molten, colored glass. This work acts as a kind of mapping or indexical record, a rendered visualization of traveling through a particular geography. I hope my work helps you see your beginnings, your present and perhaps your future.